Beijing Minithlon on East West Sports

The Beijing Minithlon is a unique event with the perfect combination of sports, fun and entertainment. And this year we’ll again be on TV! We are happy that Beijng-based American network Blue Ocean Network ( will attend the event  and produce a reportage for its East West Sports show!


East West Sports is a weekly program covering the world of sports in China—and how it fits in to the global sporting picture. Aaron Stewart and Howard Pan host the show as they take you into, around, over, and up close to sports and athletes in China, from tennis tournaments and golf courses to gymnasts, mountainbikers, basketball players, and snowboarders. You can watch East West Sports easily online via the network’s excellent website. In fact, you could watch a lot more there!

True sports enthusiasts as they are, the people at may also enter a team in the Minithlon’s Company Challenge!