Minithlon Regulations

General Regulations of a Minithlon event

  • 1. A Minithlon is a mini triathlon that consists of the following three activities which follow each other without interruption:
    • a. Swimming
    • b. Cycling
    • c. Running
  • 2. The total distance of a Minithlon is variable, but must be as such that the total time of the winner of one race cannot be expected to exceed six minutes.
  • 3. Minithlon is open to both men and women categories. A separate event for children below age 12 can be set up.
  • 4. The Minithlon competition is organized in various heats, during which the best performers qualify for quarter and semi finals and ultimately the final.
  • 5. All participants are required to sign up for a Minithlon event via the official channels (online pre-registration is preferred) and collect a number bib at the event’s Race Office to wear during the event.
  • 6. Participation is at own risk. Participants are strongly advised to have proper insurance cover. Nordic Ways declines all liability if health or injury issues occur during a Minithlon event. A day-insurance can be arranged (see each Minithlon event’s specific regulations).
  • 7. All participants are required to behave in a sporting manner at all times and shall permit any faster participant to overtake without obstructing.
  • 8. The event referee is authorized to dismiss participants (results included) who have violated the event regulations, or have harmed the integrity of the event or of other participants
  • 9. Equipment: participants are expected to bring their own swimming and running gear. A bike and helmet will usually be provided by the organizer.
    • – Helmet: the bike helmet is to be worn with closed strap during the bike leg of the minithlon race. Participants can choose to leave the helmet on during the running leg to the finish.
    • – Shoes: No shoes are allowed during the swim. Participants are free to put on shoes for the bike and running leg of the event, if they wish to do so.
  • 10. A Minithlon event is both a sporting and social event, hence each Minithlon event will be concluded by a grand buffet dinner.

At all times participants must read the specific regulations of each individual Minithlon event.

Company Challenge

The Minithlon Company Challenge is a new (2012) potential addition to any Minithlon programme.

  • 1. The Company Challenge competition is separate from the individual competition, and features teams of four people, irrespective of gender
  • 2. Teams compete with each other via a series of qualifying heats, during which the best teams can earn a starting place in the big final.
  • 3. Each qualifying heat has maximum five participants, each belonging to a different team. Each team member can score points for his or her team. Points are attributed according to the finishing place in each qualifying heat, i.e.:
    • 1st place = 5 points;
    • 2nd place = 4 points;
    • 3rd place = 3 points;
    • 4th place = 2 points;
    • 5th place = 1 point
  • 4. Starting order and places in the qualifying heats will be decided by the Organising Committee via lucky draw
  • 5. The five teams that have scored the most points in the qualifying heats move on to the big final. Two semi finals may be introduced before the big final should the number of participating teams in the Company Challenge warrant this measure.
  • 6. The big final consists of one race only and will be conducted in the form of a relay. Each qualified team chooses its best swimmer, best biker and best runner for the big final race. The fourth member of each team will act as coach. The relay is done by a compulsory hand tag.
  • 7. Winner of the big final and as such winner of the Company Challenge is the team that crosses the finish line first

The final authority on the interpretation of the regulations for all relevant competitions is owned by the event’s Organising Committee.

If anything is unclear, please address your question to a Nordic Ways staff or to