Get 200 RMB discount for the Fall HeyRunning Camp

After the great success of this year’s Spring Camp, Heyrobics is setting up the HeyRunning Autumn Camp to start on the 12th of August. And there’s great news for Nordic Ways fans, as HeyRunning is offering a 200 RMB discount to all people who sign up via us!


HeyRunning stands for 10 weeks of fun and professional training for beginners and advanced runners. Participants also get a chance to prepare themselves properly for any goals they may have, such as the Beijing Marathon and – indeed why not – the Beijing Minithlon. One thing is for sure, namely: the people at Hey will get you fit!

Everyone who wishes to enjoy the 200 RMB discount for the HeyRunning Camp ( = price 500 RMB instead of 700), please send an email to All information on the HeyRunning camp can be found on the website.

Newcomers to Beijing or to sports can get an idea of what the Heyrobics craze is all about at the Radisson Blu next month, as Linus and his crew will do the warm-up for the Minithlon!