Is your company ready for the Challenge?

The Beijing Minithlon at the Radisson Blu on Saturday, 1 September has a new attraction to boost fun levels to an all-time high: the Company Challenge. Teams of four people will swim, bike and run against each other in several qualifying heats before entering the grand finale which will crown the fastest Minithletes! Is your company ready for the Challenge?


Several teams have already been confirmed for this new competition, and others are being formed. The Minithlon is indeed a superb teambuilding occasion, and a great opportunity to meet people, not in the least during the big BBQ after party in the Radisson’s Royal Garden.

The rules for the Company Challenge are straight-forward. The competition consists of a qualifying round, during which each team member does an entire Minithlon race against participants of other teams, and scores points for his or her team based on the position at the finish (the winner of a heat gets 5 points, second place 4 points and so on). When all qualifying heats are over, points will be added up and those 10 teams with most points will proceed to the semi finals.

After the qualifying round, each team will know who their best swimmer, best biker and best runner is. That is important, because the semi final and the grand final will be done in relay format! Each team will thus have to appoint one person to do the swimming, one to do the biking and one to sprint 42 metres to the finish. And the fourth person in the team? He can cheer and shout his mates forward!

Of course, as in the previous two years, people can also take part in an individual competition.

Fun and excitement guaranteed in this year’s Beijing Minithlon! Do not miss it. Remember that number bibs are limited for this event, so sign-up in advance to secure your spot. And don’t forget to bring family and friends for the BBQ Party.

Read more about the regulations here