The 1st Edition of Beijing International Minithlon, one of Nordic Ways brand new concepts, has started its new era by this Saturday! There are around 40 participants have joined this event. So much fun! This is probably the world’s shortest triathlon competition ever, which is held in Radisson Blu Hotel in Beijing.

The 17.5 m swim in the swimming pool of the health club at the hotel is the first part. Finishing the 1st part, participants put on the shoes in a quick way and rush out door where the bikes are, equip themselves with the helmets and ride around the health club for 300 meters. For the last part, they run 42.195 meter right into the finish line. The event finally comes to an end.  There are 4 men and 3 women in total came out to the final, representing 5 different nations.


What is more, minithlon is not only of profession, but also of lots fun. After the race, all the athletes get together for a BBQ dinner and price giving ceremony.

Name      Nationality          Result
1. Robert Webb    Great Britain    01:17:69
2. Jonas Porat     Sweden    01:20:26
3. Joakim G?rsberg    Sweden    01:23:70
4. Tony Li    China    01:25.27

Name      Nationality               Result
1. Sara Andersson    Sweden    01:34.33
2. Clarisse Lau    USA    01:35:51
3. Jenny Zhaio    China    01:41:65

1、    Ladies winner Sara Andersson, Sweden in the bike part

2、    Swimming men in one of the qalification rounds

3、    Men’s winner Robert Webb, Great Britain ahead the finish line

3、    来自英国的Robert Webb 位列男子组冠军首先到达终点线

4、来自瑞典的Jonas Porat领先于来中国的Michael 赵