The Hutong partners Nordic Ways and the Minithlon

Nordic Ways is happy to engage in a new promotional cooperation with The Hutong, Beijing’s culture exchange center in the heart of the Chinese capital. A retreat for expats, foreigners and locals to meet and connect. The Hutong’s mission is to provide exceptional cultural experiences in a fun learning environment.


Sharing culture, sharing knowledge is the slogan of The Hutong. They indeed offer a wide range of activities, tours, learning programmes and teambuilding exercises. Their culinary classes and their tea journeys are already legendary in Beijing! But you can also engage in healthy lifestyle sessions, including nutritional programmes for sports people, or enhance your photography and drawing skills.

The people at The Hutong are keen and active sports enthusiasts themselves, and their business connects beautifully with the events organised by Nordic Ways. For the upcoming Beijing Minithlon, The Hutong will enter at least one team into the new Company Challenge competition.

The Hutong is located near Beixinqiao, south of Dongzhimen Nei, halfway between Sanlitun and Houhai. They have an excellent website that you can check here and learn everything about what they do. Not to be missed!